“If you are ever in need of a great speaker for one of your meetings I can whole-heartedly recommend Carol Keeffe.  

  “For the entire 90 minutes the audience was truly involved in the highly interactive talk. There was much humor mixed into the many very practical hints and strategies.

“So successful was this presentation that we plan to follow it up with a two and a half hour workshop.”        

                    — Barbara Chism

Meeting Planner:

Speaking Demo

•  Decision making strategies

•  Negotiating (instead of arguing or defending)

•  Using anger for purposeful action

•  Effective communication (bringing out the best in yourself and others).

•  Tools for creating and maintaining physical and emotional health and well-being

•  Positive, effective parenting strategies

•  Skills for relating with difficult people

•  Taking ownership for your words and actions (and reaping the rewards!)

•  Creating and maintaining personal boundaries in a respectful

•  Paycheck empowerment: money for fun and security

•  Learning how to shift from victim or attack-mode (lecturing, blaming, judging, ordering) into empowerment

•  Making “time” your friend

•  Methods for returning to an emotionally balanced and grounded place within

•  Learning how to make healthful, restorative choices throughout the day (thus continually recharging your body/mind/soul)


Practical  •  Inspiring  •  Empowering


    • Keynote presentations

    • Spouse/partner programs

    • Breakout sessions

Corporate, Business

    •  Personal Empowerment workshops, presentations, retreats, custom trainings

    •  In depth interpersonal skills training for managers, supervisors, team leaders

    •  Monthly group empowerment facilitation

    •  Learning-during-Lunch Seminars

    •  Leadership Training


    •  Private & Public Schools, Daycares, Family Conferences, Military families

    •  In-home Family Empowerment Facilitation

Carol Keeffe


Addressing Life Skills:

Immediately doable life-strategies for personal, group and

family empowerment.  Presented with humor, realness and passion!

Developing custom presentations and workshops to meet the needs and wants of your group.

Carol Keeffe  •  808-990-1153  •  Carol@ReachMyDreams.com

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